The Profession of Faith

I believe in one Universe, of which I am but one point of consciousness, wholly connected to and dependent upon the healthy functioning of the whole.


I believe in one Earth, a microcosm of the greater whole, which goes about its star the Sun with motion that influences the regular changing of the seasons upon it and in the lives of man.

I believe in reflected patterns of expansion and entropy which allow for the actions of creation (Isis), dissolution (Apophis), and recreation (Osiris).

I believe in the capacity of man to elect daily his actions to bring about greater harmony upon the Earth, within the Universe, and amongst its inhabitants, or to fail in this duty to the whole.

I believe in the values of compassion, loyalty and fellowship to all beings of goodwill who work together toward the harmonious coexistence of the children of the Earth.

I believe in the force of the Will and Intent of men to bring about either Unity or Destruction, and pledge myself to the former; recognizing this as the source of the miraculous and the diabolical and not any particular symbol thereof.

And where freedom to choose be present, I commit myself to labor always for the Universal Healing of the greater community of man; to reject profit at the expense of others; and to work ever for the day when all shall experience such liberty.

Witness my words, oh ye Infinite; for I know well the price and set my Will to the task by the operation of IAO.


Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Church of Divine Creativity is to provide opportunities for education, personal growth, community service and fellowship to practitioners of our acceptance-based spiritual tradition and to the community at large. The organization accomplishes this by:


Producing public and private ritual theatre and ceremonies to celebrate Holy Days, significant life events and moments of personal attainment.

Providing private coaching, public workshops and course materials of interest to Practitioners.

Proclaiming the primacy of a spiritual message of peace and co-workmanship to any that will hear.

Preparing a Priesthood to accept the task of bringing about Universal Healing in a broken world.



The Purpose of Ritual

     Ritual is comprised of sacred symbols which are moved within a space by participants or enactors for the purpose of engendering altered states of consciousness in which moments of personal enlightenment may occur. These moments are most likely to occur when every element within the ritual has been crafted with the full diligence and to the best of the ability of the contributor. This focused care and attention is the distinguishing feature of art. For this reason, the Church of Divine Creativity maintains a commitment to the advancement of the arts. Activities germane to this commitment include the creation of rituals; education in any and all arts; hosting of artists and exhibitions and support of other agencies and programs engaged in the aforementioned.

The Purpose of Attainment

     We recognize the individual as finally responsible for his own actions, choices and behaviors; yet he is also caught in a web of influences including his upbringing, class, past actions, et al. In order to become more fully in control of ones life it is necessary to recognize and address these influences; and it is possible to alter or replace those that are hindrances. The Church recognizes no other means of true self-betterment than this hard work which must ultimately be done by the individual. He need not face the challenges alone, however. We make available to the practitioner such opportunities for advancement as one-on-one mentorship, classes and workshops, artistic project development, traditional healing practices and study materials.

The Purpose of Outreach

     The state of the world is one in which humanity is in conflict with itself. This internal reality is manifested in daily life and on the grander scale. For the conflict to end on the larger scale it must first be resolved from within. Yet as we are social creatures imbedded in vast webs of relationships, “injustice anywhere is a threat to security everywhere”. Therefore, it behooves us to be concerned and have empathy for the status of our brother, and to offer him whatever pathways to peace we have found. We do not believe that any particular choice of symbols is preferable to any other, and so do not close ourselves off to fellowship with any True Seekers after a more harmonious and agreeable existence. Verily, our greatest strength is found in diversity.

The Purpose of Enrichment

    Though it is neither required nor expected of any given member, it is understood that there are those amongst us that feel a deeper calling to share in the grieving of others, and in so doing lighten the burden; and to work through the celebrations of others to free them to partake. These must always be the dedicated defenders of the good of the community. For those that would elect such a life, the Church of Divine Creativity administers a path to Ordination. We recognize all the traditional specialized capacities in which one may be a Minister to his community, including but not limited to life coach, shamanic guide, ceremonial officiant, spiritual educator, and social service provider.

     Initiates are required to offer to teach at least the Basic Safe Practice Methods to any that would seek to learn them. An individual may use whatever symbol set he prefers, but all principal techniques must be given. For this reason shall every Seeker be examined to ensure his capacity in this matter before he be admitted to the Initiation of the First Coil, offered to every member and a requirement on the path to Ordination. It is further expected that these servants of the truth will show forth the values of the organization to the communities in which they shall be active participants in improvement; and shall be actively organizing to further the Purposes herein described.

Organizational Values

     The profession of faith directs us toward “compassion, loyalty and fellowship to all beings of goodwill who work together toward the harmonious coexistence of the children of the Earth.” Included within these overarching values are support and appreciation for freedom of expression; an inner urge to the attainment of peaceful enlightenment; “a spirit of co-workmanship”; and loyalty and fraternity to the Body. The above serve the material purpose of moving us to true community engagement which is the only path to Universal Healing.

Philosophical History

     Our origins lie in the earliest known expressions of Western theatrical metaphysical practice, the Dionysian Dithyramb of pre-historic Greece. It is from this Cthonic root that the western tradition of Initiatory practice developed, influencing the later Elusinian and Mithraic cults. These in their turn informed Platonic philosophy; and then the syncretic Hermetic school which continued through the ages as alchemy. It is thereby understood that gnosis must be sought by asking after the connections between microcosm and macrocosm; and asserted that, though our senses be flawed, Truth may be distilled in the alembic of mind. We are informed but not bound by the spiritual experiments of all genuine Seekers who have gone before, for no eye hath seen the whole of creation. However, we do recognize the true common purpose of the search: a pleasant and harmonious existence in this life: an answer to the question, “How do I live well?”