My name is Jonathan Mooney, I am a practicing Hermetic magician and chef of 14 years, and Seneschal of the Spiral Cult Circus.  I study and practice the culinary arts, herbalism, brewing, nutrition, and alchemy.  I believe that, as humans, we must strike a balance between our need for nature and our need to live together in cities; and that to do so we need to change our fundamental outlook on both. I have long been involved in activism and community, previously serving two years as the Secretary of the Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World, a labor union committed to workplace democracy and fair treatment of all workers.

It is my conviction that food and drink are more than just a necessity, or an art, or even a way to share a wonderful time with friends.  I believe that food is a way to heal our bodies through nutrition and understanding our needs as human creatures, our spirits through sharing of meals and experiences with one another, and our planet by understanding where and how our food is produced.  By creating a community that shares food, we may become more aware of the choices we may make to reduce our impact while expanding our horizons.