Katessa Harkey here, Storyteller of Spiral Cult Circus. I am a Portland local activist artist and spiritual consultant in alternative spirituality. I have studied and perform theatre and dance; and I am a recording artist. I am a vocalist and play guitar, keys, and miscellaneous percussion toys. I have a particular talent for improvisational piano. I also act on stage and in film; and have performed in a ministerial capacity in countless rituals both planned and extemporaneous.

     I perceive of my various artistic capacities as unified in the philosophy that all things when viewed in the light of truth become beautiful. It is my job to generate the illusions that allow art to communicate truth through falsity, mimicry and pantomime. Paradoxically, these illusions are the only technology we apes have developed to allow another to participate in a transcendent experience or an understanding that we ourselves have had or are having. 

This is one reason I love documentary;

but even when I speak in fairytales

I am speaking the truth.

From my education in Women's Studies and having been raised in abject poverty, I am keenly aware that we live in culturally dangerous times. I remember that for a while they were calling us "generation hopeless" due to the increases in youth suicide, pregnancy, irresponsible drug use and soaring drop-out rates. All of these issues are magnified in marginalized communities such as the GLBTQ and other sexually progressive  demographics. As a bisexual, genderqueer and polyamorous person I have naturally been drawn to radical queer activism.

I carry my commitment to social justice as far as I do because we are standing on the brink of a cultural precipice: now is the time to speak out loudly and strongly of the future that we want for ourselves and they that must come after us. 


Ministry & Services Available

I provide life coaching services and traditional ministry with a special focus on spiritual growth and artistic exploration. As a founding director of the Church of Divine Creativity, I take my calling seriously. I provide education in traditional Hermetic philosophy and practices, and can therefore accommodate the spiritual beliefs and modalities of any positive and uplifting tradition. While my training and first Initiation came out of a British Traditional coven, I have since been involved in creating community ritual and celebrations in many contexts; as well as providing coaching and education to involved members. I have been actively practicing and organizing in the Pagan community for over a decade. I am available for life coaching services; to assist in event and ritual planning;  as an occasional speaker or performer; and as a ceremonial officiant or Mistress of Ceremonies. For more information about any of these services, contact me directly.