The Clearing of Consent

Is Now Published.

This study on the impact of consent processes in the Pacific NW Event region reveals startling data that will challenge everything you think you know about consent. These issues effect all of us.
Created as a community initiative process to the purpose of genuine transparency, this activist work was two years in the making. 
Get educated and support the effort. We must take swift action if we hope to Keep Love Free.


Primal Ordeal: A Sacred Kink Festival

August 18-20th    Wahkiacus, WA

   Katessa Harkey and Jonathan Mooney are building a coalition of organizers and educators to bring you this unique spiritual opportunity. 

     Primal Ordeal is a weekend-long Sacred Kink camping event that will be held in Wahkiacus, WA (near Klickitat). We are pleased to welcome Theresa "Darklady" Reed as our second Honored Elder. Oregon Rituals of Body and Spirit (ORBS) will also be present to offer suspensions and a hook pull. Other workshops and programming will be provided throughout the weekend. There will be open, monitored Temple space both nights of the event. We will create community and support the weekend's work with camp-wide rituals. Ticket prices include all site fees and a full communal meal plan - provided by veteran Hearthkeeper and alchemist Jonathan Mooney. Adults 18+, please. All guests must pre-register.

Early Bird registry deadline is May 5th!

Why Sacred Kink?

     Sacred Kink describes a community that exists somewhere betwixt the Sacred Sexuality community and the BDSM community. Though members of these communities frequently share interests, techniques and values, it is uncommon to find spaces that cater to or even allow for the desires of those who want both at the same time.

     Sacred Kink is often used to explore darker aspects of the self; to find edges or push boundaries; or to work through difficult emotions. When done well, it can be a powerful tool for personal growth. However, there is frequently more at stake than in a standard BDSM scene.

     Typically, in BDSM play spaces it would make other attendees uncomfortable to see this depth of emotion released. Conversely, in most Sacred Sexuality spaces BDSM is disallowed or sequestered away from the general space. Primal Ordeal is different, because everyone is coming to the event for the express purpose of engaging with spiritual intensity.

     In short, your whole self is welcome - along with your tears; your maniacal laughter; and all your primal roarings.


We are leading this effort because it is our firm belief that without such spaces of radical acceptance and witnessing, true healing may be out of reach for some members of the community.

We are pleased to announce the publication of our Training Manual

"A Traveler's Guide to Initiation"

 through Immanion Press.

    Initiation is a very personal choice that will affect you for the rest of your life. This illustrated manual condenses into a single volume everything you need to know in order to give informed consent to Hermetic ritual initiations. Written with the modern eclectic Practitioner in mind, this book will be of help to any student or educator in the Western Esoteric tradition.

   It is our sincerest hope that this guide will help all of our working groups become

safer and more responsible providers of occult education and community.

The risks are great; the Work demanding; the potential rewards Infinite. And now, you must decide if you will set foot upon this Path.
— Harkey/Mooney

A brief introduction to the spiritual world of Spiral Cult Circus, the founding body of the Church of Divine Creativity. Currently accepting new students and organizers, the founding Board of Directors is seeking formal recognition as a church body in order to better serve the community of Practitioners.

     Welcome to the Digital Bigtop of Spiral Cult Circus, founding body of the Church of Divine Creativity in Portland, Oregon. We host dramatic ritual, educational and community building events in the local area, as well as create objects of art for release in various media. We promote ecologically and spiritually sound values; respecting all positive and uplifting traditions from around the world. We currently operate from Springwater Cottage, our beautiful Covenstead, near SE 104th & Holgate.

We are spiritual beings in bodies of material substance;      the world we live in will influence our health and well-being.

We are spiritual beings in bodies of material substance; 

the world we live in will influence our health and well-being.

     We believe in the power of art to bring expression to our deepest felt emotions; that which cannot be spoken with words, but may only be communicated through experience. It is difficult to say where art ends and spirituality begins, and equally difficult to engage one without the other. Working in community allows us to achieve greater moments of the sublime through artistic means, such as dance and theatre. The practice of some forms of dramatic ritual absolutely require the presence of a healthy community for their creation and support. 

     When we come together in healthy spiritual community, we can accomplish so much! Throughout history our spiritual traditions have served to support us emotionally and in building strong community ties; all based on honest, caring relationships. For this reason we come together to celebrate the changing seasons and the cycles of nature reflected in our lives. We do this for the goal and purpose of practicing healthy, right relationships with ourselves and one another in the hopes that we will take these habits and skills back with us into our daily lives and spiritual practices. While we reach up toward the heavens, we are firmly rooted in the earth and the work of those brave Practitioners who have gone before us.

Whenever such continuity of attention and feeling has been brought about, a group mind, or group Elemental, is formed which with the passage of time develops an individuality of its own, and ceases to be dependent for its existence upon the attention and emotion of the crowd that gave it birth. Once this occurs, the crowd no longer possesses the power to withdraw its attention or to disperse; the group Elemental has it in its grip. The attention of each individual is attracted and held in spite of himself; feelings are stirred within him even if he does not wish to feel them.
— Dion Fortune, Applied Magic and Aspects of Occultism (23)

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Why Work In Community?

     Being a spiritual Practitioner is hard work, but doing it in community can reap rich rewards. However, because the dedication necessary to the Work is so great, the community tends to be filled with unique and strong-willed individuals. Invariably, conflicts and difficulties arise: Practitioners are dedicated to ferreting out their deepest shadows and confronting them.


     This is not a new phenomenon. We can see in the diaries and other process records from at least the Golden Dawn era forward that these issues have been observed; and remedies and various experimental approaches to their resolution have been tried. Attempts were made to address these issues within the structures of the groups Practitioners of the time were forming. In fact it was this generation of Practitioners that began bringing the Feminine Divine back into prominence in Hermetic thought and ritual, allowing women to participate equally in lodge membership. Because Practitioners want freedom of thought and liberty for themselves, it is these values which they have sought to promote through their cultural creations.

     We are a social creature. If one is to ascend, one must bring his whole tribe with him.

We hope you will join us on this sacred journey that we all share, for a minute or a lifetime. In these pages you will find artifacts of the rituals we have performed and the art we have made together. We hope you will be inspired to make some of your own. You will also find further information about our organization, beliefs and practices. We are an initiatory tradition; the founding board is currently gathering documentation and fundraising to apply for legal recognition.

Thank you for your kind attention, 

ladies and gentlemen,

and please, enjoy the show.

                                                                            Yours truly,

The Spiral Cult Circus