What does it mean to be a practitioner of a Western Hermetic Tradition in general, and how does the Church of Divine Creativity interpret that specifically? Put simply, we believe that people of all faiths are practicing techniques which serve to function in certain predictable ways on a human consciousness. Theatrical ritual is one such technique. Even people that did not grow up within a specific spiritual tradition are familiar with this sensation from secular theatre or concerts. You can sense it most fervently when the hush falls over the crowd as the lights start to come down. The audience readies themselves to receive experience vicariously, having a "willing suspension of disbelief".

     The Church of Divine Creativity recognizes the special place that creation of communal art holds in allowing Practitioners to advance in their spiritual endeavors. While it is not possible to show causation, we recognize an anecdotal consistency between all the various traditions in terms of technique. Communal ritual involves the creation of living soulful art in honest and sharing community. One more modern word associated with such practices is ecosomatics. Ritual theatre undertaken for the right reasons and with the right type of training and environment for the actors can yield a wealth of positive results in their lives; and additionally may serve as a form of publicly attended, performance theatre (including cinema); from which the audience may receive.


A theatrical ritual video celebrating the earth coming alive with the magic of Spring. Boi Blue has been given a secret mission by the Queen of the Undines... and she must travel in our world to accomplish it! Can she complete her quest without getting distracted by the beauty of our Spring?