Field Report: Called to the Carpet

Well, we were at it again, folks. I'll let you watch the video and draw your own conclusions about the inciting incident and the hastily-put-together "activist" response. But there were things that happened after I had run out of battery power that deserve to be addressed.

Namely, we have no Peace-keepers on the ground. Literally, none. The police, according to themselves, were charged only with protecting the property and not the protestors. That means that when violence is being threatened, either we deal with it ourselves or they wait until a punch gets thrown, then swoop in and crack heads. The other side seems to be getting its act together in this regard. So where the hell are we?

Another thing that I did catch vid of but chose not to use (because this isn't about doxxing people) is our use of feminine gender privilege in these encounters. We have apparently learned that, since men still can't do anything back to us no matter how we act, that women are the perfect agitators. I saw us go after men who were obviously mentally ill trying to get them to react violently. There is something seriously wrong with that.

I also witnessed a crowd of us Lefties of mixed race and gender gang up on a lone, young black man left over at the end on the front line. The racial slurs I heard pour forth in those long minutes was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life. This protest was supposed to be about anti-racism, and the Left is going to behave like that? All ethics aside, it makes for extremely bad footage the other side can use to bolster their ranks.

I need more of you who are fully dedicated to non-violence and who have mediator training with me out there next time. This was a relatively small action, and there is no way I could have handled anything bigger or worse on my own. If you're interested, let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Katessa Harkey