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Toward a Right Relationship with Food

This is "A Learning Module for Excellence in Community Kitchens". This project was created as educational materials for they who serve their communities as hearthkeepers. Katessa and Jonathan know well the challenges of creating spiritually fulfilling environments for diverse communities; and planning strategies that work for events of any size. Explore with us that which connects us; in the core components and spiritual origins of our many food cultures. Along the way, learn how to create the necessary documentation for NPO and consensus-lead event management. Gain confidence and leadership ability for application in building more dynamic and effective Community Kitchen programs.

Music, Magic & Meditation

This is a fully self-contained, self-teaching module offered with the intent of improving the use of sound-based techniques in the Hermetic Spiritual Community. The audio files mentioned in the packet appear below the PDF on this page. Originally developed for a class taught by Professor Frodo Okulam at Portland State University, the audio files have since been fully updated and remastered. The module is suitable for use by individual practitioners seeking to hone their personal technique; or as teaching materials for group learning. Full permission is given to use these materials to their intended end; please credit K.S. Harkey as the developer of these materials and refer students to this website for further information and resources.

Hermetic Self-Care Techniques

Following are demonstrations of the "Kabbalistic Cross" and "Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram". Taken from the teachings of the Golden Dawn, these classic rituals of daily purification remain potent and effective.

The Book of the Law, dictated in trance to Aleister Crowley from April 8th-10th in 1904, is a core source of our magical philosophy. It is the origin of the "Law of Thelema", which states "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law;" and "Love is the Law, Love under Will." Spiral Cult Circus honors this dictum as the most succinct statement on magical ethics to-date. This reading is given by Katessa Harkey.