I am Tanner Chance Starnaut, a jack of all trades. I am a healer, shaman, actor, holy man, student and many other things. I am first a seeker of the Truth. In our individual life paths we see many sides of the Truth and often miss the depth of reality. By immersing ourselves in all points of perception we can more fully understand our world. I desire to shine a light from all angles for the people around me. Only then can we come together as a community and fully commit ourselves to our potential.

My current understanding of this world has led me down the path of the healer. I have studied massage from East West Massage therapy in Portland Oregon. I have an interest in the fusion of massage styles. Many of the traditional ideas in Eastern medicine show an understanding of the interconnectedness of all aspects of our lives. By combining the philosophies of Chinese 5 element theory, Thai massage, Hawaiian shamanism and the western ideas of myofascial release we can work to find the core of a human being.