The Battle for Bull Run

     "The Battle for Bull Run" is a documentary covering the events of July 12th through the 16th of 2013, during which residents of Portland, OR occupied the Mt. Tabor reservoirs in order to draw attention to the current attack on Portland's clean, safe drinking water systems. Residents express outrage at the unnecessary and costly interlocking web of projects; many of which have involved no-bid contracts and other corporate gerrymandering. While the City points the finger at the EPA, New York City (which has a similar system) has already been negotiating for a waiver to save their ratepayers the expense. Portland Mayor Charlie Hales (recipient of campaign contributions from involved corporations) simply refuses to begin the process.

     For over a hundred years, brave conservationist "Water Warriors" have worked to preserve the Bull Run system. Now a new generation must rise up, or soon Portland residents will be drinking polluted water from the Willamette and Columbia rivers; to the tune of 1.25 billion dollars. 

     This documentary represents part of Spiral Cult Circus' contribution to the effort to save our water. is an apolitical concerned citizens' group encouraging all individuals and organizations to become involved in the fight for our water. 

     Spiral Cult Circus grants permission to any individual or organization to screen this work royalty-free for the purposes of community education, provided that attendees are not charged admission and the work is not altered in any way. Hard copies are available to Portland local efforts; please contact us to arrange.  (We are also happy to attend your event where our schedules permit.)



What Can I do?


Screen this Documentary

Spiral Cult Circus encourages individuals, organizations and businesses to hold private parties and/or public events to help inform members of your community about the issues involved. We will attend local events as our schedules permit.  

Bull Run Waiver

Learn more about the scientific issues involved in the reservoir debate and combat the disinformation confusing the issues. 

Who is Joe Glicker? 

Learn more about the business aspects of the case: names, dates and documentation. 

Wedding to the Waters

Spiral Cult Circus participated in this ritual/demonstration hosted by Queer Magic in an effort to raise awareness regarding the current threatened state of our rivers. Watch as we get married to the Columbia and Willamette rivers, along with a bunch of Radical Faeries. 

Learn more about the proposed export of coal via the Columbia River, which will pollute the Gorge and our water system through the dispersal of large amounts of coal dust with a limited amount of economic gain.

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